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New Janor laser head for Noritsu digital minilabs has been officially launched

This laser is high performance, long life, good stability .

We provide up to 24months warranty .

This series of laser is fully compatible 
with the Noritsu digital machine:
               QSS- 30 series 
               QSS- 31 series 
               QSS- 32 series 
               QSS- 33 series 
               QSS- 34 series 
               QSS- 35 series 
               QSS- 37 series 
               LPS- 24 series

The details see Laser head description

JANOR HITECH (HK) CO., LIMITED is a professional technology company, formed by a team of former Noritsu and Fuji technicians with over 20 years of service experience who are trained multiple times at the Noritsu and Fuji corporate training centers. Our technicians are well experienced with photo finishing machines, fully understand our customers’ needs,and have already offered services to more than 2000 clients all over the world.

Training certifications:


We understand that being able to offer reliable and efficient services is essential for the existence and development of our company. Therefore, JANOR HITECH (HK) CO., LIMITED always manages to perfect our service system that ensures and improves the reliability of the machines and the quality of the photos. Through this service system, we are able to reduce the rate of errors, extend the service time of the machines, and shorten the time required to resolve errors. By doing so, we reduce the cost for our customers in the long-term and provide better user experience for our customers.

We offer three types of services:

  1. Image Laser solutions
  2. Machine equipment
  3. Parts, accessories and PCB maintenance

Currently, as the main international manufactures are exiting from the photo finishing industry or reducing services; high quality, reliable and convenient service is still what our customers demand. Based on the current situation of the market, we constructed a flat structure service system with advanced technology service management and client service support function. This system maximally reduces the intermediate links, improves service efficiency, and reduces costs for customers. It builds a good foundation for supplying continued, reliable and efficient technical services at low costs. This system will be your reliable friend.

We welcome local service providers from all over the world to join our service system, share our service resources, and create more market opportunities.

7th. Floor. D Block radio factory,No.32 Dazhi Road
Jiang'an district, Wuhan, Hubei, China
hotline: +86 400-606-3214
Tel: +86 27 82855250  Fax:+86 27 82734520
E-mail: sales@janor-hitech.com       

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